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Why So Many are Embracing the Active Adult LiveWell Lifestyle

  • August 4, 2022

Visit any master-planned community in Texas and you will see beautiful homes, tree-lined streets, smiling faces, and a host of both natural and purpose-built amenities. While well-built homes, carefully thought-out neighborhoods, and friendly neighbors are some of the best aspects of any community, much of the value of a community lies in those amenities. Among the most popular—especially for people over 55 who are finding purpose after retirement and seeking an active adult livewell lifestyle—are fitness centers, community gardens, yoga lawns, social gathering spaces, and many miles of trails for walking, hiking, running, and biking.

Amenities like these are perfect for those who are finding purpose after retirement, living well, and enjoying the good life, but sometimes it’s hard to know how to get started. You might need to learn about the activities that are available, understand how to use all of the equipment at the fitness center, and even meet some friendly faces with whom to share the experience.

The good news is that the LiveWell program at Chambers Creek offers the tools, opportunities, and information you’ll need to live the active adult live well lifestyle as well as the chance to meet plenty of friends who will enjoy the experience with you!

Why LiveWell? If you’re 55 and older, you’ve likely retired or are near retirement. You may have simplified your home life or downsized after the kids graduated and moved out. You probably have a desire to find a new purpose after retirement, and that purpose often amounts to living an active, healthy lifestyle and doing the things that you never had time for in the past.

Chambers Creek is a place for everyone age 55 and over, at every stage of life. The only thing you need is a desire to live well. The LiveWell program, developed by Caldwell Communities, understands that the needs and desires of our residents are different at every age. That’s why the vision planning for Chambers Creek features a robust slate of amenities and programs for active adults at every stage of life after retirement. We even have a full-time lifestyle director who coordinates the LiveWell program for all residents, at every life stage.

What is the LiveWell program and how does it work? The best way to understand is through the six pillars that make up its core philosophy.

BeWELL. Help lower stress and grow inner peace. We offer spaces that encourage thoughtful reflection, and we provide planned activities that are designed to help you make the most of your time and prioritize the things that are most important to you.

StriveWELL. Just because you’re done working doesn’t mean that you’re done contributing. Finding purpose after retirement often means finding ways to give back to the causes and communities that made a difference in your life. Our community calendar helps you do just that.

MoveWELL. Staying active is about more than just exercise and activity—though we also offer plenty of opportunities for that. It’s also about eating right and finding the activities that have meaning for you.

BelieveWELL. We get out of life what we put into it, and part of the active adult live well lifestyle involves nurturing the soul as well as the body. With beautiful natural settings and inspirational activities, the LiveWell program helps you to live life to the fullest.

ThinkWELL. You should never stop learning, and you never have to. With classes, lessons, and programs that stimulate your intellectual curiosity and help you to explore new hobbies or refine existing talents, there’s always something new to learn. Thinking well is living well.

ConnectWELL. Everything is better when it’s shared. That’s why our amenity center and our lifestyle programs are designed to help you build strong community bonds and find like-minded companions.

These six pillars form the foundation of everything that we do at Chambers Creek, where we provide you with the tools, the partnerships, the place, and the people you’ll need to live your best life every day. Whether you’re newly retired and searching for a life filled with purpose and fun, or you’re simply ready for a change now that the nest is empty, there’s something for every age at Chambers Creek.

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