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Chambers Creek is Your EV and Golf Cart Friendly Community Near Houston

  • January 9, 2023

Do you remember the first time you saw someone driving a golf cart through the neighborhood? Maybe they were going to visit someone else in one of the many golf cart friendly communities nearby or picking up one of the kids from a friend’s house. Like many of us, you probably thought to yourself, “Wow, why didn’t I think of that?”

Golf carts aren’t just for golf courses anymore, even though golfers first figured out that these handy little electric vehicles could be used for more than just cruising along the green. Why not? They’re small, quiet, and electric, making them ideal for short trips around the neighborhood.

Now, we should mention that laws pertain to driving your golf cart on the street, even in your own neighborhood and in an EV friendly community. These laws vary from city to city and state to state, but these days more and more communities are built with golf carts and other electric vehicle owners in mind, making it safe and legal to drive your golf cart down to the corner or all over the neighborhood.

These golf cart friendly communities are becoming increasingly popular across the nation, especially in states like Arizona, Florida, California, Georgia, and Texas. Any list of golf cart friendly communities in Texas would be incomplete without mentioning Chambers Creek. In fact, our 55+ active adult community is one of the first communities in the United States to be designed with intracommunity travel by electric vehicles in mind. What does that mean? Read on!

What does our EV friendly community offer?

At Chambers Creek, we’ve designed every aspect of our community to be friendly and accessible for electric vehicles of all types, especially golf carts. Our sidewalks are designed with golf carts in mind, and we provide dedicated golf cart parking at all of our amenities. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

All of our homes are pre-wired for electric vehicle charging, and we provide charging stations at all of our amenity centers, so you’ll never have to worry about a dead battery as you’re tooling around the neighborhood. Plus, you can get anywhere you want to go with ease. Not only are our sidewalks designed for golf carts, but our street widths are also set to accommodate both golf carts and full-size automobiles safely. Everything in Chambers Creek is interconnected via golf cart trails, meaning that there’s nowhere you can’t go!

All of this makes Chambers Creek one of the most golf cart friendly communities in the country. We hope that we’ll be a model for others to follow suit. If you’re ready to enjoy that carefree lifestyle that comes with being able to hop in your golf cart and motor off to wherever you want to be, why not come to the place that helped to start it all, a community designed to make travel by golf carts and other electric vehicles convenient, safe, reliable, and easy?

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