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fun weekend trips in texas

Fun Active Adult Weekend Getaways in Texas

Looking for some Texas weekend getaways near Chambers Creek? Look no further! We’ve assembled our top five fun weekend trips in Texas, perfectly tailored for active adults seeking memorable experiences. We’ll help you discover the hidden gems that make Texas such a fantastic getaway destination: the charming vineyards of Wimberley, the scenic beaches of Galveston…

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lake conroe fishing - fish fest

Lake Conroe Fishing: Your Next Angling Adventure Awaits!

Attention all anglers! Are you looking for excellent fishing opportunities in Southeast Texas? Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a fishing novice, you’ll find Lake Conroe to be an angler’s paradise! Lake Conroe is a top fishing destination in Montgomery County, spanning 22,000 acres with a shoreline of 157 miles. The lake has an average…

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Best Day Trip Ideas for Grandparents and Grandkids from Willis, Texas!

It’s summer, and the grandkids are out of school. This means that it’s time for some memorable adventures with the grandparents at Chambers Creek! There’s nothing quite like the bond between grandparents and grandkids, and taking day trips together is a perfect way to strengthen this bond while having loads of fun in the process….

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2023 Design Trends for Active Adult Homes

For those who will be following home trends in 2023, it is expected that trends won’t shift all that much from the last year, but those researching 2023 design trends should know that some new ones are on the rise, many of which are tailored to the needs of active adults who are living life…

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active adult livewell lifestyle

Why So Many are Embracing the Active Adult LiveWell Lifestyle

Visit any master-planned community in Texas and you will see beautiful homes, tree-lined streets, smiling faces, and a host of both natural and purpose-built amenities. While well-built homes, carefully thought-out neighborhoods, and friendly neighbors are some of the best aspects of any community, much of the value of a community lies in those amenities. Among…

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Summer Activities: Things to do on Lake Conroe

Nothing says, “beat the heat” and “enjoy some summer fun” like a day at the lake. Here north of Houston, when you say, “a day at the lake,” you’re talking about Lake Conroe. It’s where Houstonians “in the know” will go to have fun in and around the water when the temperatures rise. It’s no…

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things to do in willis tx

Things to do in Willis, Texas!

Looking for things to do in Willis, TX? You’ve come to the right place! Just north of Houston and Conroe, Texas on I-45 you’ll find the little town of Willis. It’s nestled between Lake Conroe and the southwest end of the Sam Houston National Forest. It’s one of those perfect little stops along the interstate…

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