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Are Property Values Increasing at Communities with Golf Courses?

  • April 19, 2023

If you’ve been looking at new homes for sale in the greater Houston area, it’s fairly certain that you’ve seen a few communities with golf courses during your travels. You may be asking yourself, is golf course property a good investment? If you love to play golf, as many of us do here in the Great State of Texas, then that answer is pretty obvious. Even if you’re not an avid golfer, though, are there other good reasons to live on a golf course? Here at Chambers Creek, we obviously think so, and we’re not alone. Let’s look at some facts and figures and some opinions from the experts about why you might want to live on a golf course, too!

Is a golf course property a good investment?

The answer appears to be a resounding “yes.” A study done by the National Recreation and Parks Association that (as reported by DTE Golf) found that properties with a view of a golf course typically see an annual increase in value of around 7% to 8%. A report from the Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics that looked at home sales across the country as far back as the 1990s came to the same conclusion, as did a study from Florida Atlantic University.

But that’s not all. Homes in communities with golf courses boast phenomenal resale value, typically selling at two to three times the price of an average home located elsewhere, according to New Home Source online. It certainly sounds like there are plenty of good reasons for even non-golfers to buy a home in a community with a golf course. But what do the pros have to say?

PGA of America member Jason Becker, who is also CEO of Golf Life Navigators, spoke to Golfweek magazine about golf-course properties. “All in all, the golf real estate component is certainly on fire, and I don’t see any signs of that stopping or slowing down,” he said.

Why is golf real estate so popular now?

The answer is simple: In the years since the pandemic began, more people than ever have begun to really prioritize outdoor activities. Americans appear to have found a new appreciation for nature, and golf, in particular, has become increasingly popular.

According to Golf Digest, the growth in numbers of new players in the game set all-time records, with an increase of 500,000 golfers recorded in the U.S. in 2020 alone. Those new players weren’t just picking up the sport and then abandoning it, either. The total number of golf rounds played surged nearly 14% that same year.

At the same time, the real estate market was booming. CNBC says that home sales in 2020 were the highest seen in 14 years. At this point, it’s easy to put two and two together. Beautiful, spacious outdoor settings attract home buyers, especially now. Golf has never been more popular, and the marketplace is being shaped by these new demands to make golf course properties incredibly desirable.

Top reasons to live on a golf course even if you don’t play golf!

Okay, so you’re not a golfer, although you’d love to have one of those little carts to drive around the community. We get it. But there are plenty of other reasons to live on a golf course, even if you’re not interested in picking up the game. Here are just three:

1. You can’t beat the scenery. Let’s face it, communities with golf courses are beautiful. You can’t compete with a view of the woods, the lakes and ponds, the rolling greens, and all the other landscape features that come with golf-course living. Because the course is maintained year-round, you can expect beautiful, lush views during every season.

2. Good quality of life. Living in a community with a golf course means living around friends and neighbors who value outdoor activity and who put a focus on health and an active lifestyle. Even if you don’t want to get in a quick nine now and again, living in a master-planned community with a golf course will get you access to a wide array of other amenities, such as a putting course, nature trails, and more!

3. Privacy and security. Communities with golf courses are often gated or otherwise secured so that only members and those who live there have access to the course. This added security also adds privacy to your home, and the gated entrance means that there’s less traffic. The cars that do pass through the neighborhood tend to drive more slowly. All of this is great for peace and quiet and your peace of mind.

If we’ve convinced you, then you might be ready to join the growing Chambers Creek family and see what golf course living and a fully amenitized lifestyle has to offer. Even if you’re not ready to buy today, you can fill out the short form below to subscribe to our newsletter, and we’ll keep you up to date on all the exciting news that’s happening around our beautiful community!

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